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Mar 15

TRASH PICK-UP is made on Monday's only. There are four Holidays that trash will be pucked up on the following day, which is Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving July 4th. Trash may be put out to the curb Sunday evening for pick up on Monday morning. All trash and recycle bins must be taken in Monday evening. You must store your trash and recycle bins properly during the week. Townhomes with garages, trash bins and recycle bins must be stored in the garage, (UNLESS YOU HAVE AN END UNIT) this is the only exception. Townhomes without garages must put their trash and recycle bins behind your home, (UNLESS YOU HAVE AN END UNIT) this is the only exception. Any trash or recycle bins left out beyond  Tuesday morning will be subject to a violation. Any property with 2 violations on this matter will be called to a hearing. After the hearing you can and will receive a $100.00 fine for each offense there after.

Please keep our community looking great, the Board of Directors is  working hard to beautify our community with out standing dilligence and up keep.