Dear Tenants, Welcome to the Townes at Old Stone Crossing, Below is a sign up form if you wish to receive general updates on the Townes by Email, Also all committee’s are open to all residents 18 or older of the Townes, please click in committee tab on home page for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns about, interior or exterior repairs, Pool FOBs, contact your landlord.

General Information,
Parking: if you are living in a home without garages your two allowed parking spaces are assigned, they will be the spaces numbered with the last two digits of your address. If home as a garage and driveway your two allowed spaces are the Garage and Driveway. Parking in spaces not assigned to you will result in vehicle being towed. (all streets in the Townes at Old Stone Crossing are private) If vehicle is towed or booted you will need to call Wheel Blockers at 704-606-4166.

Trash Cans: Trash pick-up is on Mondays, Cans should not be put out prior to 24 hours advanced
of pick-up and must be put away by Monday evening 8 pm.

Pets: All pets must be on leash at all times, Pet owners are responsible for picking up pets waste immediately Including your back yards, Violations will result in your Landlord being called to Hearing and fined. In addition pet owner will be reported to City of Charlotte for investigation.

Lawn Maintenance: Is on Tuesday’s Please have yards clear of any furniture, toys, and grills, etc.

Grilling Outside: Please make sure Grill is away from siding, ( any melted siding will be charged to homeowners)

911 Emergencies
In case of Medical, Fire or Police assistant, noise complaints, disturbances, suspicious activity or suspicious vehicles call 911 immediately.

Police or City Related Non- Emergency
In case Dogs off leash or feel threatened by any animals call 311 animal control

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