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Architectural Control Committee Larry Schwartz
Beautification/ Community Inspection/ Community Watch–Chair Larry
Communication/ Social Committee-
Pool Committee ( seasonal only) TBD
Nomination Committee (seasonal only) TBD

The Board of Directors has made some changes to committees for 2020 in order to simplify and will reduce expenses and limit the time needed by  our residents as well . The board understands that everyone is very busy by combining committees that have overlapping responsibilities will make it easier to manage and easier to volunteer. Committee’s are open to all residents of the Townes at Old Stone Crossing with approval of board of directors.

In order to keep these committees productive, safe, respectful and without disruptions all candidates for all committees will be by approval  of  the board of directors and serving  on committees doing so is at the discretion of the board of directors and may be denied approval or removed from committee by the board of directors at anytime.

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for maintaining the architectural integrity and harmonious appearance of the community. Responsibilities include:

  • Visiting site when necessary to clarify improvements do not have a conflict with HOA rules and regulations.
  • Help identify that the design guidelines are being followed within the community.
  • Make final inspection to property to confirm repairs or improvements made to property were what had been approved.
Beautification/ Community Inspection/ Community Watch

This committee will be responsible to make recommendations on Landscaping improvements that will enhance our community, Make regular inspections of property, noting any repairs necessary , streetlights out, signs missing or damaged, and to work with CMPD in developing a interactive relationship in Keeping our community safe.

Communication/ Social Committee

This committee will be responsible to give suggestions on content for website, newsletter, getting more community members involved, posting messages to message boards in community, interacting with other committees to communicate to community progress or concerns of all committees. Recommending, planning and organizing social activities/events for community.

Pool Committee ( seasonal only)

This committee will be responsible to report any prohibited activity, observe that pools rules are being followed, recommendations on improving services at pool, reviewing/ revising pool rules, staffing pool area on holiday weekends to ensure the safety, and enjoyment of all residents.

This committee will only be operational from June to August each year for annual election to open board seats. The responsibility of this committee will be to communicate to community the process of nominating candidates for Board of Directors, Reviewing Nominations Bio’s, Working with Committee chair, helping to get out the vote.

If you our interested in serving on any of the committees above please click on Committee registration form complete and submit.

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