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Townes Homeowners Who Lease Out Property

City of Charlotte Rental Property Ordinances (Effective January 1,2013)

Rental Property Ordinance Amendments

The purpose of this article is to establish a requirement that Owners of Residential Rental Property whose property is within the Disorder Risk Threshold as established by this ordinance must register with the City sufficient identification information so that the City may expeditiously identify and contact the Owner when excessive levels of disorder activity have occurred on or in the property. In addition, the City desires to establish a method to hold Owners of Residential Rental Property accountable for failing to use effective methods to reduce Disorder Activity on their property. It is not the intent of this article to determine the rights and liabilities of persons under agreements to which the City is not a party. This article shall not be construed to alter the terms of any lease or other agreement between a landlord and a tenant or others relating to property that is the subject of this Article; provided that no provision of any lease or other agreement shall be construed to excuse compliance with this article. Additionally, a violation of this article shall not in and of itself create a negligence per se standard or otherwise expand existing liability in tort for either a landlord or a tenant.

The Rental Property Ordinance is an ordinance amending Chapter 6 of the Charlotte City Code entitled "Business and Trades."
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